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Welcome to Bikini Vamp's "Bikini Competition" Page.
We have Two Great Competitions to Enter!

The Competitions Page will re-open in February.
This will allow us to post even more entries once the Bikini Vamp Shop is open.
Those that have been photographed or sent their images in already, will be on-line in February also.

- Models -

Professional and Semi Professional


The Girl Next Door
Entrants Name Entrants Name Entrants Name
Need someone to take your Photos?
To find out if our photographers are in your area, enquire here: bikinicomp@bikinivamp.com

Please email your photographs in  JPG format to: bikinicomp@bikinivamp.com

We will post up to 10 pictures so send as many as possible - but we need a minimum of 5 pics that we consider suitable.

Please don't send large image files. Best to keep each email under 5,000kb. If you are sending a number of images, attach them to a few separate emails, sending a maximum of 3 images per email.

Please let us know the sizes you are wearing in the photos, and any other information that may be of interest.

We reserve the right to reject submissions without further explanation. Pictures that are not used will be deleted.

By submitting pictures or other material to Bikini Vamp you acknowledge acceptance of the site terms and conditions.

At least two photos must be submitted, but we encourage you to send up to 20 of your best images. If you have a preferred photo that you would like us to use upfront, please let us know.

We prefer the images to include at least one full length shot and at least one shot showing your face.

By submitting your photo you agree to let us post your photos to help promote our website on an ongoing basis (via the website or online newsletter). We respect your copyright. Your photos will never be given away or sold to anybody outside of www.bikinivamp.com.

Contestants are welcome to provide their own email address or a link to their website, which we'll provide alongside your photos. This will allow viewers to send comments and feedback.
Note: we assume that the person or people who appear in the photographs have agreed to the photographs being entered. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the entry to obtain this.


About the Competition

Bikini Vamp Customers
Would you  like to
Win a Bikini?

Two Great Competitions available.
One for the "Models" Professional and Semi Professional, and one for the "Girl Next Door"


You could be featured on our site and receive some awesome free bikinis. To be considered, send us your sexiest photos "wearing a Bikini Vamp Swimsuit".

Those chosen to have their pictures published, will be featured in our Competition Section each Month.

All customers who have their photos published will receive a free Bikini Vamp Swimsuit of their choice.


The Girl Next Door
Are you the "Girl Next Door"? The Wife, Girlfriend, Lover, Neighbour?

If so, then send us your best shots wearing a Bikini Vamp Swimsuit for your chance to win another one. We will throw some pics into the competition page and if you send us enough, we'll build a gallery dedicated to you.

Are you a Professional or Semi Professional Model?. Are you looking for more EXPOSURE?

If so, then send in your best images wearing a Bikini Vamp Swimsuit. You will not only score another Hot Bikini! We will also feature you with your own Profile Page in our Model Directory!



Purchase Bikini Vamp Swimwear, use it at your Photo Shoots and start sending your shots in. Give your models the opportunity to win a "new" bikini. For more information: click here

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